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  • alexandertechniquelondon
    A self-help method to ease pain and stress, move with more freedom and generally feel lighter and happier.
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  • StillPoint
    StillPoint Centre for Meditation and Alternative Therapies in Central London, near Liverpool St. Coaching, Massage Therapies, Meditation and Yoga Classes.
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  • belsize podiatrist
    State registered chiropodist/ podiatrist providing a wide range of treatments including routine nail and skin care, sporting injuries, minor surgery and provison of insoles and orthoses.
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  • Streatham Village Osteopaths
    Treating and advising on back, joint and muscular pain, arthritis, sports injuries, cranial osteopathy, treatment of children, pregnant women.
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  • Cranio-Central
    BIODYNAMIC CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY In Camden and Islington Hands-on, yet non-manipulative Gentle, not invasive, yet deeply effective Holistic and rooted in anatomy/physiology Suitable and safe for all from babies to advanced ages as well as in fragile, acutely painful and chronic conditions, this gentle touch therapy can contact all of the structures and functions within the body-mind. It is an approach to healing, which assists the body’s own natural capacity and inclination toward a state of balance and well-being.
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  • Stress Consulting UK
    We are offering EFT tapping therapy, Reiki and Kinesiology therapy sesisons in East London, Upton Park. Visit our website for more information.
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  • Chelsea and Fulham Chiropractic Clinic
    Our spacious clinic has 4 treatment rooms including on site x-ray facilities. We also have a massage therapist. We specialise in sports injuries, back and neck pain, pediatric care, cranial work and headaches. Chiropractic works on the neuromuscular skeletal system, helping with a wide range of conditions. Please call to book an appointment
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  • Inspiring Fitness
    Personal Coaching Scott is a masters qualified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, who educates my clients on how to achieve their goals and helps them do so in the most efficient manner. Alongside his programmes, he offer strong Nutritional and supplementation advice which can accelerate the progress of achieving your goals. He will help you change your current activity and consumption habits to make you achieve the body type and performance levels that you desire.
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  • Precision Pilates - Pilates Studio
    Well established, privately run, exclusive Pilates studio based in Chiswick W4, West London. At our rehabilitation and fitness studio we specialise in the instruction of the Pilates method for pre and post operative, pre and post natal and general fitness / postural requirements. We work towards helping patients, athletes and dancers, with injuries or chronic conditions to achieve body awareness through knowledge and exercise.
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  • Feng shui with Rénuka
    Leading London fengshui expert. London projects include ChinaWhite, Movida, Yoo headquarters, Phillipe Starck designed apartment,CNN offices London, Chelsea Harbour restaurant, DK Carré's store Westbourne Grove and many homes throughout.
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  • Kinesis Studio - Pilates centre of excellence
    Kinesis Studios - a centre of excellence in Pilates and GYROTONIC ® training. With a team of fantastic teachers, each with specialist interests and individual strengths and back-up from our highly skilled therapy team we are uniquely placed to care for all kinds of clients from every level of fitness.
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  • Good Vibes
    Dedicated Power-Plate classes that give you a total body workout. Achieve amazing results in 3 sessions a week over 5 weeks. Sessions last just 25 minutes leaving you to get on with your day
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  • Eat Well Be Happy
    Naturopathic nutrition first cleanses the body , then renurtures by changes to diet and lifestyle. Suitable for weight loss/ gain, IBS, candida, bloating, stress, fatigue, arthritis, hormonal problems, detox, acne and lots more. Foon intolerance tests are also available.
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  • Eat Well Be Happy
    Rachel McCarthy is an experienced Naturopathic Nutritionist.She can help most health issues by changes to diet and lifestyle.She specialises in IBS, digestive problems and weightloss.She currently needs volunteers to practice EFT on !
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  • Vitalbody
    Vitalbody is a brand specialised in Master Teachers of Pilates Yoga Dance & Martial Arts. Established to raise standards of tuition in the UK, we believe that a fantastic teacher with a lifetimes experience and an elite personal level is key to better health and training. Our high standard classes and training are unbeatable!
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  • feng shui solutions
    Feng Shui Consultancy using both form and compass for consultations. Consultations for residential, small businesses and corporate clients
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  • Eastbury Homeopathic Clinic
    Eastbury Homeopathic Clinic is is run by experienced and qualified homeopath Joanne Preston and is based in Enfield, North London. A wide range of conditions can be treated with Homeopathy, emotional as well as physical and is a safe, non-toxic treatment suitable for everybody from babies to the elderly.
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  • Clare Strawson Nutritional Therapist
    Fully qualified and insured nutritional therapist offering nutritional therapy consultations in the Hillingdon area.
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  • Head and Heart
    Holistic therapy combining Shiatsu and NLP. Head & Heart Holistic Therapy is a fusion of mind/body/energy work and the kind of conversation that lets you get to the heart of a problem quickly. Life is designed to wake us up to the things we need to pay attention to. Sometimes they appear as a crisis, dramatically and out of the blue; sometimes they creep up on us gradually as physical or emotional symptoms.
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  • Naomi Sato at triyoga
    Naomi Sato is a Massage Therapist practicing at Triyoga in Primrose Hill and numerous spas across London. You are also welcome to visit Naomi for private treatment at her North London flat - or call the number below and arrange a visit to your place. A member of both the International Federation of Aromatherapy and Association of Reflexology, she continues to develop her theraputic skills in accordance with the latest standards.
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  • Balancing Reiki
    Monika Aniko Hajdu is an experienced reiki practitioner based near Caledonian Road.
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  • Kagyu Samye Dzong London
    Tibetan Buddhist Centre & Low Cost Complementary Health Clinic.
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  • Haringey Alexander Technique
    I am a fully-qualified member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (M.S.T.A.T.0. and I offer private one-to-one lessons in Haringey. The Alexander Technique is a way of unlearning bad habits of posture and movement which can relieve pain, improve breathing and physical strength and lead to benefits in general health. It can have a very positive impact on mental health and dealing with stress.The Technique is also a useful basis for actors, musicians, sports-people and anyone who performs.
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  • ML Chiroptactic, Fulham
    ML Chiropractic offers a combination of chiropractic care with nutritional and exercise therapy in order to offer a complete approach to health. The clinic is easily accessed and is spacious with 5 treatment rooms and onsite gym facilities
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  • Laura Boyle, Psychic London, Clairvoyant London
    Laura Boyle, London Psychic, London Clairvoyant with over 30 years experience. She is a weekly Agony Aunt newspaper columnist and writes for several magazines too, both here and in the UK. As well as being a London Psychic, London Clairvoyant and London Tarot Card Reader she offers FREE Daily Horoscopes directly from her website. She is a Consultant of the British Astrological and Psychic Society as well as being on the Executive Secretary and Editor of their magazine The Mercury.
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  • Counselling with Kay Tromans
    Very experienced, friendly, qualified counsellor based in Stoke Newington and Islington. Please do click on my website address for more details.
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  • Feng Shui London
    Feng Shui London is a feng shui consultancy that specializes in feng shui for business and homes. It offers courses, products, logos design, SEO (search engine optimization), branding, geopathic stress harminisation, help with buying and selling properties with feng shui in London.
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  • Your Nutritional Health
    Sylvia is a fully qualifed and insured Nutritional Therapist with a First Class Honours BSc degree and is also a member of The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners. She practises in the St John's Wood (NW8) and Marylebone NW1) areas. Optimal nutritional intake can make the difference between feeling just “okay” and feeling in top form, both mentally and physically. Poor nutrition is believed to be a significant factor in many of today’s health problems and research has shown that Nutritional Therapy can help improve a wide range of conditions and health concerns.
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  • Shiva Health
    Shiva Health is a yoga and holistic living centre. We offer a wide range of treatments and therapies to ensure all round health, balance and wellbeing. From Thai Yoga Massage and Craniosacral therapy to Reflexology and Hypnotherapy, we care for all your physical, mental and spiritual needs. For full details of what we have to offer please look at our website.
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  • Reiki Drum
    The Reiki Drum Technique combining Reiki Healing and Drumming, Drum Journeying, Traditional Usui Reiki and UK based courses.
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  • Paul Manley Back pain clinic: Back pain treatment, hands-on treatment for back problems, RSI, headaches and osteoarthritis, London, Wimpole Therapeutics
    Specialist hands-on help for all sorts of back problems at the Paul Manley back pain clinic in Central London, 27 years of experience
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  • Optimal Mind-Body Therapy
    (Home visits also available) Reiki, Past Life Regression and hypnotherapy to transform emotional, mental, perceptual, physical or behavioural issues for personal enhancements, or the removal of unwanted behaviours or attributes.
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  • NutriLife Clinic
    Adopting a pragmatic and caring approach, NutriLife Clinic specialises in the provision of personal dietary programmes tailored to suit individual nutrition and lifestyle needs. NutriLife's patients have a broad range of health requirements, and include people of all ages from young children to the elderly.
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  • Move Three Sixty
    Move Three Sixty is a unique mobile health clinic as they cover every aspect of a healthy daily lifestyle - physical, mental and nutritional. The company has no weaknesses and can come to you if you can't go to them. They have mobile trainers and therapists ready to travel to your doorstep if work, family or physical trauma is limiting your time or ability to travel.
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  • Lea Powell
    Lea provides a comprehensive, holistic, therapeutic service from her practice in Teddington, Middlesex. She is a highly qualified practitioner and offers a range of therapies to suit individual needs, including homeopathy, reflexology and reiki.
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  • Joyoga Studio
    A beautiful yoga and massage studio in the centre of Brixton. Yoga, Pilates, Massage and Meditation.
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  • Inner Space
    Inner Space – London’s meditation and self development centre. Based in Covent Garden, we have a Quiet Room, available for you to step in, sit back and relax. At Inner Space we feel being relaxed, recharged and refreshed are fundamental to our well-being and individual success. That’s why we offer a wide variety of activities on-site and at other locations. Our courses and talks serve as an introduction to personal growth and spirituality in daily life. After all, we’re London’s oasis of calm and insight.
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  • Heart Medicine
    Alchemy, Homoepathy, Energy Healing, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic workshops and 1:1 training
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  • GB Personal Training
    Do you want to lose body fat and tone? If you are dedicated to making a positive change to your life then I can help you achieve this in a fun, safe and effective way. Fully qualified to an advanced instructrs level and on the register of exercise professionals (REPS 3).
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  • GB Personal Training
    Holistic London Personal Trainers. For home based exercise and nutrition solutions. Lose 7lbs in 30 days or your money back.
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  • Earthlife Wellbeing & Fitness
    Earthlife is a unique and tranquil facility in the arches of Kew Bridge, where emphasis is placed on Fitness, Health and Wellbeing. Our aim is to provide a personal and holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing in a place of calm and relaxation. Our highly trained and experienced therapists and instructors offer a wide range of Complementary Therapies, Beauty Treatments and Workshops, as well as Fitness Classes for adults, teens and children, with no membership or joining fees.
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  • London Homeopathy
    Based in North West London, offering Homeopathic treatments for a wide range of problems, including menopause, PMS, period pains, morning sickness, infertility and many other stress related and emotional issues.
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  • Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine
    Fertility, pregnancy support, general health, autoimmune conditions. I have, in particular, accumulated valuable experience in TCM gynaecology and obstetrics. I have undertaken further integrated post-graduate studies to specialise in fertility acupuncture. As a member of ACT-London (Acupuncture Childbirth Team), a London-wide network of practitioners specialising in the field of fertility and childbirth, I work together with doctors, midwives and other complementary therapists. My clinic in Turnpike Lane is dedicated to all aspects of women's health. I also practice paediatric and general acupuncture.
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  • Active Chiropractic Clinic
    Dr Isabelle Rosser is a Chiropractor and Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist specialising in Neck & Back Pain and Sports Injuries. Chiropractic is a gentle treatment used to realign the joints of the body in order to reduce pain, improve movement and flexibility and release muscular tension. To celebrate the opening of this 2nd clinic FREE Spine & Posture Checks are being offered for a limited period - Including a no obligation voucher for a consultation - Book Now!
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  • Pure Hands Massage Clinic
    Pure Hands is a specialist massage clinic dedicated to providing effective and tailored massage treatments to City-based professionals at reasonable prices. Located in the heart of the City of London, our mission is to deliver the best and most convenient massage services available on the market.
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  • The Little Escape
    We are a holistic therapy centre in Crystal Palace, providing a supportive and welcoming environment to treat and be treated. Therapies include: Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Bowen Technique, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Counselling, Energy Healing, Massage, Reiki, Life Coaching, Yoga, Pilates, Nutritional Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Homeopathy, Shiatsu and many more. We are open seven days a week, with weekday evening appointments up until 9pm.
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  • Healthy Living Centre
    We offer quality treatments in a friendly and welcoming environment. The centre's reputation for quality has meant we've been able to attract the best practitioners in London and beyond. With over 25 therapies and over 50 practitioners working from the centre we aim to offer something for everyone. This includes low cost clinics for those on low incomes. We aim to make complimentary healthcare available to everyone. If you are unsure about the direction you want to take in complimentary healthcare, please book in for an appointment with our Holistic Consultant, who will help guide you to a suitable treatment plan.
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  • Havas Homeopathy
    Positive Turn-around with Homeopathy! Help with stress and related conditions, women's health and much more.
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  • Geeta Vara Ayurveda
    Ayurvedic consultation covering diet, nutrition, pranayama, mediation, treatment & herb advice. Treatments include: head, body & facial abhyanga. External therapeutic treatments to follow on from the consultation.
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  • feel good massage treatments
    Feel Good Treatments offer a little bit of calm in a busy world to help you relax, de-stress, recharge and basically feel good! Based in Battersea and Balham, available treatments include therapeutic/deep tissue/pregnany or Indian head massage as well as Jurlique Organic Facials.
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  • Reiki Healing and Training
    Reiki courses in the traditional Usui form of Reiki. Our courses come with comprehensive manuals and post-course support and are held in central London.
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  • Health Plus Clinics Ltd
    Chiropractic Clinic covering Ilford, Clayhall, Gants Hill, Chigwell, Hainault and Barkingside. Specialists in the treatment of back and neck pain, sciatica, trapped nerves, disc injuries, whiplash, frozen shoulder, and joint and muscle pain.
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    Complementary therapies in Ilford, Essex. Offering reflexology, aromatherapy, holistic stres management and reiki. Specialising in female health issues, back pain, digestive, sleep and anxiety problems
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  • Esme Kohll LLSCH BA Hons
    Experienced and fully insured homeopath based in North London. Treats a wide range of conditions. Special interest in pregnancy and birth.
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  • Bodymotion Chiropractic and Sports Injuries Clinic
    Registered city based (EC2) chiropractors treating a range of complaints from postural/repetitive conditions to acute sporting injuries. From pain relief to long-term prevention our team of chiropractors have full insurance coverage including both AXA PPP and BUPA. Early morning and evening appointments available. Call now for an appointment today.
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  • Future Health Management
    My practice is setup to help aid with alternative healing methods other than by the normal pharmaceutical approach, focusing on nutrition, stress management, and child psychology.
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  • Eat Well Be Happy
    Eat your way to good health with Notting Hill nutritionist, Rachel McCarthy. Food intolerance tests with same day results are also on offer; and gift vouchers-treat someone you love to a consultation !! Free initial assessment !!
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  • DebbyStars Tarot, Astrology & Numerology
    Debbystars has an international clientele, including TV personalities and artists, who return time and again because of her friendly and helpful advice and her accuracy and honesty. Debbystars teaches Tarot, Astrology and Numerology in London and has written for many esoteric publications in London, Brazil & Japan. She is a full-time Psychic Consultant, who works through her website, private consultations in Central London, and is available, for you, now for email & Phone Readings & Personal Consultations
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  • Fulham Wellness Chiropractic Clinic
    Chiropractors treating back and neck pain, headaches and migraine, slipped discs, sciatica, leg and arm pain, numbness, pins and needles, sports injury. Providing pregnancy care. Supporting wellbeing
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  • Health Kinesiology Highgate
    Health Kinesiology practitioner Claudia Benson offering sessions in Highgate Village at the Highgate Health Centre. Reiki also.
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  • Absolute Homeopathy
    I'm a Homeopath working from two central london clinics, Nature works located in the west end and The Wyndham Centre which is located at 86 Hatton Garden (nearest tube is Chancery Lane or Farringdon). I treat men, women and children, for everything from coughs and colds to acne, eczema and asthma, through to PMS, thyroid imbalances and emotional difficulties, using homeopathy, herbs and flower essences. My specialty is Skin complaints as that is how I got into Homeopathy in the first place. Feel free to give me a call to discuss how Homeopathy could help you.
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  • The Metamorphic Way
    A gentle touch on spinal reflex points on feet, hands and head. A self-healing tool able to loosen up blocks and old patterns in order to transform and de-clutter your life.
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  • Kings Cross Studios
    Kings Cross Studios specilises in tailored bodywork experiences utilising Pilates and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM. The studio is fully equipped with specialised Pilates and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM, apparatus, enabling all clients to achieve their individual aims, be that rehabilitation after an injury, addressing muscular stress/tension or postural issues, referrals from medical therapists, sports- related requirements and pregnancy both post and ante natal. Kings Cross Studios also holds Pilates matwork and GYROKINESIS classes.
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  • Studio Lindberg Pilates
    Pilates classes for individuals and groups including Pregnancy Pilates lessons. Special Offers posted on our website. We welcome beginners.
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  • cure by nature
    Cure by Nature and Southfields Exercise Studio are situated at 93- 95 Replingham Road Southfields SW18 and provide alternative therapies, fitness and exercise, health advice and products as well as information on health issues to the general public. Our aim is to serve the local community by offering complementary and alternative treatments, to bridge the artificial gap between our approach and that of conventional medicine.
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  • Harmonic Health
    Harmonic health complementary supplements - welcome to harmonic health. Complementary health supplements and alternative medicines, vitamins, tonics and tinctures at competitive web prices!
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  • NaturaLee
    Naturalee - complementary therapy London reflexology indian head massage kinesiology reiki therapeutic massage courses companies conferences exhibitions. Reflexology,reflexology London,reiki,reiki London,indian head massage,indian head massage London,kinesiology,kinesiology London,therapeutic massage,massage London,companies,courses,conferences,exhibitions,London
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  • Traditional Medical Thai Massage
    Thai massage - traditional thai medical massage in London. Traditional thai medical massage in central London. rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching and meditation.
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  • Michelle Cole
    Alexander technique in London - michelle cole. A series of lessons in the alexander technique can be of benefit to everybody, as well as help address fundamental causes of back pain, rsi, tension, stress related disorders....
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  • Susan Mumford
    Susan mumford - page. Susan mumford. qualified massage therapist and aromatherapist, in practice in London since 1987.
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  • Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy UK
    Hypnosis and hypnotherapy uk, London hypnotherapist. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy in uk. London hypnotherapist and self-hypnosis course trainer donald robertson runs a free hypnotism discussion group, with hypnosis and therapy scripts, training info, and a hypnotism webring.
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  • Howard Evans
    Howard evans - thai yoga massage, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic bodywork and training.. Howard evans - individual sessions and training in craniosacral therapy, thai yoga massage and therapeutic bodywork - London, barcelona and palma de mallorca.
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  • London hypnotherapy
    Hypnosis: how it works - London uk. Hypnosis: how it works to benefit people. one of its many forms is that of hypnosis scripts. experience a most effective method of change and improvement. contact us at harley street, London uk.
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  • Adrianna Holman
    London registered opath. Homeopathy with registered homeopath adrianna holman rshom- homeopathic consultations in London w1, se1, e14, sw20 and online.
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  • Doris Block
    Shiatsu in London - doris block. Shiatsu in the London queens park area and from ladbroke rooms in notting hill
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