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Charing Cross Road

Running from Trafalgar Square to St Gilesí Circus, where it turns into Tottenham Court Road, Charing Cross Road has a reputation for itís bookshops, specialising in everything from titles on Art to science fiction and crime dramas.

Comic Showcase and Murder One books, alongside a myriad of second-hand bookshops in this area, are worth a visit.
Further down Charing Cross Road lies Denmark Street, affectionately dubbed Tin Pan Alley, which is home to a number of music shops as well as the London Astoria, an almost legendary concert venue.

Here you will also find the famous school of Fine Art, Central St Martinís, which has bred some of modern artís most influential figures such as Richard Long and Gilbert & George.

The 1986 film of 84 Charing Cross Road, based on Helene Hanffís 1970 novel of the same name and starring Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft, is the roadís most notable moment in cinema.