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Connaught Square

Named after the Earl of Connaught, this square lies slightly north of Hyde Park and a stone’s throw from prestigious Mayfair and Oxford Street, as well as being just around the corner from Marble Arch.

The square’s architectural feel dates from the early 19th century and it was the first square of it’s type in the Bayswater area.
Home to the well-healed, Ministers from Pakistan and Brunei royalty to name but two, in recent years Connaught Square has achieved notoriety as the location of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s £3.5 million “retirement home”.

Ironically used as the PM’s residence in the BBC’s “Alan Clark Diaries”, No. 29 Connaught Square will be home to the Blairs when Tony steps down, and may even play host to the Blair Foundation in the future.

On the north side of the square is a garage specialising in everything a classic car enthusiast could possibly want.