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The Millenium Dome

Situated in Docklands, the Millenium Dome is one of London's most recognisable and controversial landmarks. Designed by Richard Rogers and funded by successive UK governments, the Dome was constructed as part of London's Millenium celebrations, along with the Millenium Bridge and the London Eye.

As the name suggests, it is a dome-shaped white marquee supported by twelve towers and is the world's largest single-roof structure.

When the Dome opened to the public in the year 2000 it was divided into zones which included 'Faith', 'Body', 'Money', 'Mind' and 'Learning' as well as a central staging area. Here the Millenium was welcomed by the music of Peter Gabriel backed by a team of more than 150 acrobats, and a specially made short film about a time-travelling Blackadder was shown throughout the year in an on-site cinema.

The Dome also makes a cameo appearance in The World Is Not Enough and may even appear as one of the event venues should London be selected to host the 2012 Olympics.