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The Science Museum

Founded in 1892, the Science Museum was originally a combination of items from the Royal Society of Arts and the Great Exhibition of 1857, but now is home to an unparalleled collection of technological history running to hundreds of thousands of exhibits.

From the first jet engine to Stephenson's Rocket, Babbage's Difference Engine to Crick's original DNA model, many interactive exhibits and the new iMax theatre showing science and nature in glorious 3D, the museum showcases formative moments in the history of science and technology; the journey from the industrial revolution to the present day is shown in the museum's collection.

The interactive nature of many of the exhibits makes it a haven for kids of all ages.

Also within the museum is an extensive libary, formerly the National Library for Science, Medicine and Technology, which holds a variety of ancient manuscripts, early books and periodicals and is a source of learning for many international scholars.

The Science Museum is adjacent to the Victoria and Albert and Natural History museums.