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Trafalgar Square

At the centre of London lies Trafalgar Square, in fact the square is the point from which all distances to locations in the UK are measured.

Originally created to commemorate Nelson's famous victory at the Battle of Trafalgar during the Napoleonic wars, the square is dominated by Nelson's Column flanked by four bronze lions said to have been cast from the metal of reclaimed cannons from the French fleet.

Trafalgar Square is overlooked by the National Gallery, Admiralty Arch and St Martin's-in-the-Fields church.

Trafalgar Square has been a site for protest; from anti-nuclear demonstrations of the 1960's to the infamous 1990 Poll Tax Riots; as well as national celebration: a Christmas ceremony has been held annually since 1947.

As a token of thanks for the UK's support during the Second World War, Norway gives a Spruce tree every year which takes centre stage at the ceremony.