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    Vivace Violin is the online store for Bridgewood & Neitzert, an established London luthier and dealer in fine instruments with an enviable reputation and over 30 years trading history. Bridgewood & Neitzert, Violin Dealers, Repairers & Makers, 146 Stoke Newington Church Street, London, N16 0JU, UK. We offer the largest range of fine stringed instruments; violins, violas, cellos, double basses, bows and accessories for sale anywhere on the internet and all are backed by our exclusive 30 day money back guarantee. As classically trained musicians we understand that a players' relationship with their instrument is highly personal and, put simply, our guarantee allows our customers the opportunity to evaluate any of our instruments in the safe knowledge that should it for any reason not live up to expectation then the instrument may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price. All of our instruments are supplied fully setup, with any required repairs already having been undertaken and effected to the highest standards. We employ only the finest restorers who have been trained at some of the worlds premier institutions. All of our work is guaranteed and every instrument subject to detailed inspection before we are satisfied that it is suitable for sale. It is by steadfastly maintaining these rigorous standards that we are able to offer only the finest instruments. These same standards are equally applied to our range of student instruments which have received acclaim from both teachers and students alike. If you are looking to upgrade your current instrument we can often offer a part-exchange or to sell your instrument on a commission basis through our store, helping to maximise the value of your existing investment.

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